Thyra the Bunny boiler -Jerry Brandt

Thyra, our own "Bunny boiler".
Thyra is the girl who has a long line of boys/men, who are just waiting for her to notice them. And sometimes she doe's and sometimes she does'nt. ;)
When we left Sweden to come to Australia, everyone tried to pack as much clothes as possible. But not Thyra! Thyra packed her bags with tablets and frames, and she almost packed down a big mirror!! Well, good that someone stopped her in time!

Thyra is like what everyone outside sweden thinks of swedish girls. Blond, beatiful and fabulous!! ;) And a real partygirl!!

Thyra is great, and she is always happy! Even when she is nervous or getting late for school, cuz the f*ck*ng bus didn't come..

Thyra, RUN! or you'll miss the bus!! ;)

Postat av: antonia

sa grov men sa ratt!!!! bra jobb jerry

2012-07-23 @ 00:49:07

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